Sunday, June 06, 2004

Day 9

Decided to yet again skip the drinking. It was Sunday and I figured it should be a day of rest. Hopefully tomorrow will be back to the grind.

Day 8

Didn't drink tonight. Instead I headed out to the baseball game and chilled. It was a lot of fun with Monty, Randy, and ...can't remember his name, but a nice guy. We were really razzing the teams, it was fantastic.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Day 7

Today I had to make up for lost time. I attacked my drinking as well as I could. So I hit the fucking Vodka as hard as possible. I drank as fallows:

1 Screwdriver
3 Jungle Juices (Vodka, Hawaiian Punch)

All drinks listed are doubles, because I make them twice as big.

I am drunk as I post so i might have to edit it later. You never can tell....

Day 6

Tonight, hung out with Monty. He was bitching about life, so we started making lists for fun.

Top 5 Countries in the World I hate:
1. Iraq
2. France
3. Afganistan
4. Mexico
5. Etheopia

Top 5 Countries in the World I love:
1. U.S. of A
2. Canada
3. England
4. New Zealand
5. Japan (this was Monty's pick, but I forgot mine)

I let Monty drink and I served as the designated driver, so no Alchy for me tonight. I promise to make up for lost time tomorrow.

Day 5

Held off the drink tonight. didn't want to get sick again.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Day 4

Ok, Day 4 was a little scary. Since we had driven home from the beach that day, all I had to eat was a bowl of cereal (applejacks). so some friends came over (jess, joseph, robert, manny, nick) and I began my routine with the typical:

1 large screwdriver (tooo much VODKA and orange juice)

Well, apparently Vodka can hit you hard if you have no food in your body and only had about an hour sleep from the night before. Well the Vodka fuckin hit me hard. My legs were giving out on me, and only after one drink??? We (robert, manny, and i) went to Best Buy, where I bought the black album (jay-z) and medal of honor frontline.

When we got to the house the alcohol had finally begun to work itself out of me, so good deal!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Day 3

Shit got all fucked up last night and the experiment had to be laid aside for the moment. The wife and I went up to South Padre and spent the night. Had a fantastic time, but didn't drink a drop. All apologues to you, the reader, and to science.

Tonight I will try harder.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Day 2

Once again, I have to post this in retrospect.

Last night Manny and Joseph came over. Adri and I went with them to go see Walking Tall (starring the Rock). It was enjoyable. After returning home, I consumed the following drinks:

1 normal Screwdriver (Vodka and Orange Juice)
2 LARGE Screwdrivers (too much Vodka, not enough Orange Juice)

The wife made the second of the large screwdrivers, I think she wanted me to get poisoned. Regardless, after consuming the drinks, Robert showed up and we all played Mario Kart Double Dash. This game is well worth any amount of money and time invested in it. We had a great time.

What does day three hold???

Find out tonight!

Day 1

I have to post this after the fact, but here goes... the wife and I had over some friends: Monty, Sarah, Robert (who now lives with us), Charlie, Manny, Joseph, Jess, Kalee, and Mindy (who I had not met till that night). To kick it off right, Adri and I went out and bought 240 dollars worth of booze and mixings. That night I consumed the following list:

4 Screwdrivers (Vodka and Orange Juice)
1.5 White Russians (Khalua, Vodka, and milk)

I got pretty plastered and ended up on the back porch lying on the ground. I am pretty sure that's where I got the bug bites on my legs, but oh well. Most of the rest of the people were drunk, so a good time was had by all.

Just Some Background Info

Summer is here and to celebrate, I have decided to be liquored up as much as possible for the next month. The blog will be my portal of information to you. I will give all sorts of awesome information on my drinking.